National Safe Drivers - I was talked into taking "GAP INSURANCE" at the purchase of my car


I purchased a new Impreza on 4-4-13..the finance person (Tom) talked me into taking gap insurance.He told me that if I cancelled same within a couple of months, that my 580 dollars would be fully refunded.

I cancelled same at the dealership on 6-10-13.

I also sent a follow up photo copy to the Gap admin...(NSD-Boca Raton, Fla.)..The day I cancelled, I went to the Subaru dealer and asked for Tom..he was on vacation. I was sent to the Mazda dealer, finance person, who was in a meeting. One of the sales staff, photocopied my gap insurance paperwork and told me that this guy would take care of same. I also sent a follow up photocopy of the gap insurance to FLa.

Believing that I would someday soon receive my check for 580..I waited and waited, NOTHING!!! So I want back to the dealer..on 9-19-13. Tom, (the finance guy) asked me to call the bank and get the act number and had me sign a release for what remained of the money.

I complained to him that I have already waited several months for nothing..he apologized and said he would get the paperwork off immediately.

Well, now its been another 30 days and NOTHING...I theorize that the Gap people dont want to send me my money.I am going to complain to the attny general and better business bureau next...Tom B

Review about: Not Received Items.

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